Figure 2. Syllabus detail with instructions for Outreach Assignment.

Image says, “As a collective, we will engage in an outreach assignment. This assignment is in keeping with the spirit of the activist energy at the heart of our reading list and makes material our academic discussions and the intellectual mission of our department’s Literature, Social Justice, and the Environment initiative. For this assignment, you will work in groups of three to conceptualize how we might bring our critical consideration of con temporary problems around race and injustice to a population beyond our seminar table. On 8 March, each group will present a proposal for an Outreach Event or Activity to the rest of the class. We will then decide, as a group, which to pursue and come together to realize that proposal by semester’s end. Everyone will receive grades and feedback not only on their initial group proposal, but on their engagement with the final choice. I do not intend for this assignment to be limiting and, in fact, hope to integrate multiple ideas. For example, if one group proposes making posters or broadsides in the department’s Letterpress Studio and the winning group proposes a film showing and panel discussion, we might still integrate these various plans into our final outreach
endeavor. I encourage you to think creatively about what resources are available to us here on campus and in the area (like the Letterpress Studio, Alamo Drafthouse, Student Organizations committed to Activism and Awareness, First Friday Art Trail, etc.) as you work on your proposals.”