Volume 4 Call

Special Volume on Anti-Ableist Activism: Volume 4, June 2022

Edited by the Anti-Ableist Composition Collective with support from Spark

Submission Deadline: 10 January 2022

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Call for submissions

As K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and the white supremacist capitalist-corporate complex more broadly pushes for a return to “business as usual” during an ongoing global pandemic, disabled people continue to lead struggles against inequalities in health care, social safety nets, labor practices, and other institutional policies that are built on explicitly ableist, eugenic frameworks, and mired in white supremacist, cis-heteropatriarchal beliefs.

In this moment, we underscore the importance of disability justice as articulated through the activist labor of Sins Invalid, who describe themselves as “a disability justice based performance project that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and LGBTQ / gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized.” We honor the work of disability justice and, based on Sins Invalid’s 10 Principles for Disability Justice, seek to better understand how disability justice activism is being undertaken in multiple settings. Guided by these principles, we push for intersectional anti-ableist work in our own spaces and communities.

We issue this call alongside writing and rhetoric scholars who have underscored the importance of disability studies, disability activism, and disability justice: teacher/scholar/activists who are themselves mostly disabled, many of whom are multiply marginalized. We offer this linked bibliography of disability in writing studies as an entry point. For volume 4, we are interested in submissions that address, recognize, and suggest ways in which disability justice challenges and dismantles the oppressive logics and practices of capitalistic spaces, including the scholarly establishments many of us occupy.

As with previous Spark calls, we seek a variety of scholarly and socially engaged texts. As guest editors from the Anti-Ableist Composition Collective–created by Cody Jackson–we both seek to build upon Spark’s dedication to reflecting on individual, collective, and organizational action while explicitly pushing for disability justice, especially in how it might spark anti-ableist writing, rhetoric, and literacy practices and pedagogies that reckon with the racist, ableist, heteropatriarchal ideologies that still linger in writing and rhetoric. We welcome anti-ableist submissions in several formats including:

  • Extended Essays (of 2500-5000 words)
  • Columns
    This includes blog-style posts, personal essays, manifestos, and other genres that center disabled experiences.
  • Interviews
    These interviews present discussions with disability justice activists, scholars, or disabled community members (of 1500 to 2000 words)
  • Multimedia Submissions
    This includes podcasts, video essays and vlogs, webtexts featuring art, comics, photo essays, etc.
  • We are also open to other formats: pitch your idea by emailing us.

Possible Areas

  • Disability Justice in/and Prison Abolition
  • Disability Justice and AntiRacist Activism
  • Disability Justice and Contingent/Graduate Student Labor
  • Disability Justice and Decolonial Activism
  • Disability Justice and Queer/Trans Activism
  • Disability Justice and Sexual/Reproductive Freedom
  • Disability Justice and the Medical Industrial Complex
  • Disability Justice and Community Organizing
  • Disability Justice efforts connected to COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Disability Justice and K-12 and/or Higher Education


The timeline for this volume is:

Submission Deadline: January 10, 2022

Reviews & Decisions: February 28, 2022

Author Revisions & Resubmission: April 4, 2022

Volume Publication: June 6, 2022

Submit your work

When submitting your work, please read through the guidelines and follow them as closely as possible when preparing your submission. We ask the contributors to submit a .doc file with minimal formatting. If you include images or multimedia with your submission, please only list the placement for your assets in the body of the submission. Do not embed the files into your .doc. Include them as separate files. See the instructions for including media with your submission on the guidelines. Finally, please name your file using the first author’s last name and an abbreviated version of your title, e.g, Unger_LocatingQueerRhetorics.doc. All submissions should be sent as attachments to 4C4Equality@gmail.com.

This special issue is co-edited by members of the Anti-Ableist Composition Collective:

Wilfredo Flores, Michigan State University
Psyche Z Ready, University of Connecticut
Jesse Rice-Evans, CUNY Graduate Center
Adam Hubrig, Sam Houston State University


For more information or inquiries, contact the Co-Editors, at 4C4Equality@gmail.com with “Volume 4” included in the subject line of your email.